Facebook to remove COVID-19 vaccine misinformation from its platform

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Facebook’s headquarters located in Menlo Park, California. Noah Berger/ Reuters

It is not the first time, and it won’t be the last, that we are addressing the issue of fake news and misinformation on social media. The pandemic has only exacerbated this reality.

Last week, Facebook announced that they will remove posts that have been debunked by public health experts when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines. The misinformation policy was updated. This will also apply to Instagram, being owned by Facebook.

Formally, the company was “downranking” falsehoods, making it less visible in everyone’s news feed. In previous months, some of the…

I’m Thinking of Ending Things, a masterpiece signed Charlie Kaufman

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Jake and Lucy, as they are driving back from Jake parents’ place. Mary Cybulski/ Netflix

In September, the movie I’m Thinking of Ending Things was released and it changed the way I perceived art and cinematography.

Being released during a pandemic, didn’t really allow the movie get the traction it deserved, in my opinion. Online, you can find many interpretations of the film. The best one may be your personal one; as soon as you finish the over two hours feature film.

To be honest, if you didn’t get anything out of that movie, you didn’t think about it enough or you may have been…

Authentically Brilliant: Neon Trees New Album

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I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, Neon Trees new album, released July 24. Genius

To be honest, this article was supposed to be published back in July, just after the new Neon Trees album came out. I slept on in for a while. Life experiences made me think about the angle this one needed to take. Crazy how some lyrics can mean so much more when you’ve lived them and went through some bruising moments.

Back in 2014, the colourful music group Neon Trees got everyone’s attention with Pop Psychology. That project remains to this day a vibrant pop album that had everyone dancing in clubs.

At that…

With The Weeknd’s new album

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After Hours album cover, the latest from The Weeknd- iTunes

The world will never be the same. This is a fact, unlike those given by Trump and the US coronavirus task force team. Everything will change, from the way we interact with others to the products we consume on a daily basis. What is happening is surreal, no one could have predicted a virus capable of so much damage. Consistently watching the news- with new developments happening by the hour- can be overwhelming.

For some, this unbelievable situation may bring lots of anxiety in their new temporary life. We are required to change the way we are living; no more…

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Bernie Sanders at a rally in St-Louis, on March 9. Lucas Jackson/Reuter

The Democratic race is over. A pandemic is taking place as we speak. Most of us are stuck inside, with no end in sight. Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, said that millions of Americans could die, because of complications related to the COVID-19 virus. No, the country’s businesses won’t all reopen at the same time on Easter.

This is an unimaginable crisis that no one saw coming. When it all started in the US, we were still in a middle of the Democratic Party nomination contest even…

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Image designed in Canva

I trust you

You get it, my hand is reaching out to you

You get it, my hand is reaching out to you

Learn to love yourself

Those heels were made for working

Those mountains have been climb

Show me how it is done

The closer we get to it

Waiting for it to happen

We will be just fine

You have the confidence

Hold my hand

Hold my hand

It’s cold outside, those fingers keep us warm

Going a long way, don’t gravitate to misery

It’s all about the clearance

All of that brilliance in those eyes

You get…

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The 2018 Helsinki summit between Trump and Putin. Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Foreign meddling in politics is far from being just a myth. This reality is alive and well, thanks to technological advancements and to Facebook’s flexibility when it comes to privacy. The most powerful are taking advantage of gaps on this matter by attacking the intermediate actor between the elected officials and the population: news media.

From information we now have, it is clear that Putin is supporting Trump for the November 2020 election. The question is legitimate: does he truly want to support him or only create political chaos? …

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Mike Bloomberg at his Democratic debate debut on February 19 — AP Photo/Matt York

Held in Vegas, the last Democratic debate was crucial for all candidates, most especially for Mike Bloomberg, New York City mayor from 2002 to 2013. It was his first time to shine as a presidential candidate, while everyone was listening and watching. And overall, he didn’t make a lot of friends on stage.

Foremost, he didn’t seem prepared whatsoever for what was coming his way. Bloomberg was on the defensive, yes, but he also portrayed someone with a lack of vision.

The main contenders have something to propose. We know why they are throwing their hat in the ring. Bernie…

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Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (Louisiana), one of the longest bridges in the world. Condé Nast Traveler

Have you ever felt undeserving and in a rut? Are you sometimes feeling down and you don’t seem to be able to get out of it? We like to believe that it is only part of human nature.

We are used to working non-stop and not taking time for ourselves. We should be coming back to what matters: joy and love, the two things that make the world spin around. Until hell freezes over, we are on the go. …

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Regime protesters outside of the Amirkabir University of Technology, in Tehran. AFP/Getty

Since the assassination of the top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani by a targeted U.S. drone strike on January 3rd, experts have been analyzing Iran’s situation.

Some say that the U.S. president went too far by killing Soleimani and that this action alone could perhaps lead to a war in Middle East- fueled by the fact the Iranian government is condemning Trump’s actions.

For others, Soleimani, who was classified as a terrorist, needed to pay for his sins and that his execution was inevitable. Now that tensions between the U.S. …

Olivier Pilon

Graduated with a masters degree in politics from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Human rights, LGBT issues, sports and music. Twitter: @OlivierPilon

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