Heal this One of a Kind Anxiety

With The Weeknd’s new album

After Hours album cover, the latest from The Weeknd- iTunes
Scared to Live debut: one of The Weeknd’s moving performances on SNL, on March 7. The Weeknd YouTube Channel

The global sensation, who juggles with R&B and pop, changed his style throughout the years. He is himself, more than ever.

After Hours is obviously about his ex-girlfriend. In the album press release, he said: “let the music heal us all during these dark times.” Mission accomplished: that’s what the album does. It gives us a light of hope during these dark days.

In Your Eyes music video- The Weeknd’s YouTube channel

Graduated with a masters degree in politics from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Human rights, LGBT issues, sports and music. Twitter: @OlivierPilon

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