Lucky Stride

We’re all on the watch for something or someone special. We’re constantly on guard, as the red men outside Buckingham Palace, for a lucky stride, a lucky moment or an intriguing break that will get us out of our comfort zone. We therefore wantonly assume that lucky charm will have the power to take most of our problems out of our hands. Happily ever after, we would then be carefree.

Berhana is one of a kind- sexy and mysterious as well. Never heard his name? Be on the lookout, he sure is gaining momentum. Born in Atlanta, this singer-songwriter brings something fresh to the table. A different kind of fruit than the one you always unconsciously buy week in, week out at the grocery. Still in his 20s, is he a pop, an R&B or a soul singer? Who knows and that’s not the point. He’s everything at once, his music genre being hard, if not impossible, to label.

HAN, his first official album, was released on October 18 and it’s fire. That new record is the bomb, the cream of the crop.

Inspired by something a flight attended would say, the first track, HN 001, sets the mood for the entire 33 minutes 33 seconds. “Once the album is in progress, we ask that you fasten your headphones. We suggest you take a moment to clear your thoughts in preparation of our journey”, says a woman. Furthermore, this music album is composed of 5 similar interludes, that make everything more captivating and gives it a personal artistic touch.

From there on, trust me, you won’t be thinking about day-to-day burdens that keep you up in the after hours. Screw that late-minute assignment that is due tomorrow.

And there you have it, something breathtaking, out of this world.

My favourite track of the new project? Lucky Stride, of course. When whole lot of things goes downhill and we don’t seem to be discovering the light at the end of the tunnel, we pray, even if we may be atheist, that our lucky stride hits us. This song brings joy to often terrible feelings.

Berhana’s passion for music goes a way back. He used to write songs on his keyboard after coming back from school. Having that spiritual side to him, he sang in church from an early age. Some sort of therapeutic effect, his songs that were written weren’t, at first, destined to be made public.

His stage name is inspired by his born-given name, Amain Berhane.

Between his first EP and debut album, the singer released two great singles in 2018, Wildin’ and Whole Wide World. Whole Wide World, happens to be a cover from the artist Wreckless Eric, a rock/new wave singer from England.

This article is pretty short. I can’t quite find the right words to describe HAN. May I be excused? My brain is full.

His self-title debut EP, composed of 6 tracks, was released in 2016, a tumultuous year in American history. We can say that it’s the songs Grey Luh and Janet that propelled Berhana into a serious contender in the music world.

This guy as a lot to say. Take your time because life isn’t a marathon, it’s a slow, sometimes hard, ride. For the day we die, we gonna touch the sky.

For Canadians fans, Berhana will be performing at the Velvet, in Toronto, on December 6.

That’s it, lights out. Cheers to other great storytelling (ain’t any guide for that.)



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Olivier Pilon

Olivier Pilon

Graduated with a masters degree in politics from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Human rights, LGBT issues, sports and music. Twitter: @OlivierPilon