Our Patience Has Been Awarded

Olivier Pilon
4 min readMar 11, 2022


Train will release a new album on May 20.

The music group, Train, photographed in Issaquah, WA. Brooke Clark

The Drops Of Jupiter world renowned band, Train, took to social media a few weeks ago to reveal their new song AM Gold, as well as their new album (same title) that will come out on May 20. We are lucky to be getting the whole deal since they will start their tour, with Jewel and Blue Traveler, in June.

Summer isn’t too far away, and it shows with this new jam that brings us back to good old memories from the Californian group. While listening to AM Gold, we can almost envision ourselves on the ocean shore enjoying a drink (or two) as the sun is shining bright. The world has gotten back to some sort of normal, that was before the invasion of Ukraine started. People are once more travelling gradually; east and west coast road trips have become the norm during heat waves. Folks are smiling and leaving their pandemic worries behind.

If we don’t take into account their Christmas theme album, the group’s last album, a girl a bottle a boat, was released in 2017. Yes, Train undoubtedly changed throughout the last decades, shifting to a more pop and youthful way of doing, which fits them well. From 2010, with their album Same Me, San Francisco, we’ve seen that turn occurred.

Its lead singer, Pat Monahan, hasn’t lost the spark in his voice. He is looking better than ever at 52 years-old. This guy needs to tell us what he eats, because it seems like he doesn’t age.

In their message to fans, the band revealed how hard it was to do music during the last two years: “ Writing songs for two and a half years in front of video screens instead of being in the presence of other humans has been a long strange trip. And now here we are. It has to start with love. Love that goes into work comes out of work. ”

What is so remarkable with Train is the way they write melodies; they are always “avant-gardiste” compared to the other singers and music groups. If you take into account other alternative groups, like The Killers, Neon Trees or The Fray, you will notice many similarities with what Train is doing, but also a different touch. I’m a big fan of love songs; I listen to the cheesiest things you can find in the industry. Train offers uplifting and introspective lyrics that go beyond breakup or love songs.

It speaks about death, moving on from setbacks, dreams and much more. It is upbeat, spiritual, while having that sensitive touch to it. Don’t Grow Up So Fast, You Better Believe and When the Fog Rolls In are a few of these jams to name a couple.

I was way too young in 2001 to appreciate music the way I do now. I still remember the day my mom showed me one of the albums she had in her CD collection: Drops Of Jupiter. When she told me about it, I was already a Train fan because of their Save Me, San Francisco project (2010). At that time, Hey, Soul Sister was their big hit; it was playing on the local pop radio station non-stop. We were starting to get tired of hearing it over and over.

Then, it was other songs that caught my attention. Marry Me made me envision and dream of this prince charming arriving in my life and changing my destiny. It has the perfect melody; I’m pretty sure lots of people played it at weddings. The Finish Line, on the other end, brings you to tears, but for other reasons. The song is about arriving at the end of a journey and not finding your way out, when we are so close to the goal. Sometimes you just need to accept the faith and move on to something better.

I remember listening a lot to this album when I was in Cegep, trying to discover who I was in solitary. It was a painful period, but music pushed me to believe that better days were ahead and that I had lots to look forward too.

Are you as much excited as I am about Train’s new album? A new chapter is about to begin; it is only the start for this San Fransico’s band who has a little something for everyone who needs help to get back up and start believing in themselves once more.



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