In the midst of a global pandemic, and as summer approaches, Benny Sings released his new album, Music.

The Dutch singer-songwriter Benny Sings rocking the guitare in studio. Larry Hirshowitz

Looking for tremendous jams during quarantine? Look no further than Benny Sings’ new album, Music.

A basic name for an album that gives us a little bit more than what is on radios at the moment. His pitchy voice is unique and make heads turn around. Between folk and indie pop, his projects are getting lots of traction online.

The way he moves around rhythm with the electronic keyboard is impressive. Undeniably, it has a peculiar R&B touch to it. Music touches us even more profoundly because he experiments with new sounds.

If you’re a big fan of discovering new music on Spotify, you probably heard about his album Art, released in 2011. The songs All We Do For Love and Big Brown Eyes stood out and got positive feedback from around the world. The latest has over 10 million listen on the streaming platform.

Benny ain’t at his first rodeo. The 44-year-old artist isn’t trying to go mainstream. He’s passionate and does what he does best, with no expectations in return. Music is his eighth album.

His first project was released back in 2003, Champagne People. It was a pivotal time. The world was going through deep political tension in the Middle East with the invasion of Iraq by American troops and some of its allies.

Since Champagne People, few different albums were released, playing with different sounds, while keeping it cool and simple. Now, Benny is back to what works best for him, a set-up that brings out his powerful voice that separates him from the crowd.

His look also makes him stand out, giving us a touch of nonconformity compared to what artists need to look like. He would fit perfectly in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Benny, please come and tour in Canada after we have put this pandemic behind us! Let us enjoy a good night out with friends, sitting there with a beer, while pleasuring our ears to great music.

He seems so charming. He’s the kind of guy you would love to chat with after the show comes to a close, when the lights go out and people tend to move on with their lives.

Here is the thing that is crystal clear: music never dies. It comes into our lives and never leaves. The memories that it creates is powerful.

Music isn’t long. Composed of 10 songs, it is a little more than 30 minutes. Like everything he did previously, it’s a feel-good album. Definitely a must when you are going through a rough patch. Here It Comes brings its magical touch to the story and Music fits well at the end, to put a closure to the album. Kids makes for an interesting collaboration with KYLE.

All around, it grabs relatable concepts and brings everything to light into something that’s unexpected. We don’t know where it goes from here. The artist from Dordrecht, Netherlands, is working hard to leave his mark. It surely works. Hard not to fall in love with his music and get hooked on what he is putting out there.

Sunny Afternoon makes you envy those heat waves when you are missing someone you cherish. The singer-songwriter is changing society one word at the time, one song after the other.

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