The Sweet Swedish Comeback

Snoh Aalegra for Soulection Experience @ The Shrine Auditorium 2/2/19. Photo by Summer Dos Santos (@SummerDosSantos) for

he wait is finally over, Snoh Aalegra just released her second album. Ugh, those feels again is already a masterpiece.

Driving can already be stressful enough on its own. That’s why, since a young age, I always loved popping a CD in the disk compartment of the car and pay attention to all the melodies while on the road.

It gives you a moment to relax; especially when you are doing errands and it seems like the drivers around you are having the worst day of their life.

That was the ideal routine when we were doing long trips to different beaches on the East coast of the United States. Still remember back in 2012, The Maestro, from Ricky Blaze, and Robin Thicke’s album, Paula, we’re on repeat for the duration of the vacation. My parents and brother must have been tired of listening to the same music after a couple of days.

When you have great songs for the right occasions, it gives you wings. Other than politics, music as always been part of my DNA.

Love to make myself believe that I’m sort of one music expert in my own way, some sort of fanatic who dreams about it day and night.

We are approaching Christmas 2017, it’s freezing cold, I’m in my finals, and like every year, I love to get an original and surprising music album for my mom. Her basement is full of successes from the 80’s-90’s; albums that I grew up too and fell in love with.

Two years from now, I was searching great music on iTunes when suddenly I came across that Swedish R&B singer, Snoh Aalegra. I knew for a certainty that my mom would love Feels and it’s 13 tracks. At the end of the day, she liked the songs but nothing more.

But listening and relistening to the project, I rapidly realized that it was me, unconsciously, who was venerating the artist accomplishment. Her EP of 9 songs from 2016 was also great, but Feels was in a class of its own.

Feels simply gave me feels, good ones. Catchy rhythms, surprising raps and slow songs out of this world; everything an album needs to be sensational. At that moment, in 2017, the person I was could finally be proud of himself.

I had lived a lot, having learned to adapt myself to my new circle of friends that was progressive and open to diversity. Well, for the majority of them. You don’t always plan for the outcome; some people are just assholes.

My favourite song from the 2017 project was without a doubt You Keep Me Waiting. Never was I the easiest guy to go out with. It’s normal when you suppress your emotions and thoughts until you’re 20 years old. You wake up the day after, without knowing where to start.

It was the case for those first few dates. Embarrassment and awkwardness were well-present sitting around a table, with preferably a beer or two. Ugh, those feels again!

Few weeks ago, when I heard The Big Day, from Chance the Rapper, I thought it was going to be the album of the year, regardless of bad critics.

But this album from Snoh changes everything in my regard. With 14 tracks, Ugh, those feels again, compliments well the first album and gives a nice continuity to the story. First of all, the album starts with the best intro ever and gives you the chills on the fourth track.

This singer pursued her dream and made the best out of it. We should all learn from her.

Snoh’s voice is well described in Step Brothers when Dale tells Brennan his voice sounds like a mix between Fergie and Jesus. Whenever you are having a bad day, just listen to her voice, you’ll feel better.

The Swedish singer, aged 31, brings soothing melodies that always gives joy in fall. Not to say that it’s not soothed for other seasons.

An October vibe when the weather starts getting grey, its getting dark early in the evening and the leaves are changing colours.

Like the Maxwell and Tevin Campbell’s of this world, she remains reclusive not to get too egotistical. We surely know that she has a hell of a musical future ahead of her.

Hopefully, she will soon come and perform in Montreal. I’ll be first in line with Gale to see her. Book The Olympia or the M Telus, anything. In her case, an intimate concert would be way nicer.

I saw an interview she gave few years ago to MTV News. She explained a little bit about her past and the process of making her first album. “ I’m a super-emotional person, not by choice, I wish I could control my feelings but I can’t. I always think with my heart before anything”, said Aalegra in the 2017 interview. She was also chatting about the work she was doing with Prince.

Snoh’s dad died from cancer in 2009, which inspired the song Time, from her debut album. “ It was about me losing my dad, not having enough time with my dad, for various reasons.”

Twitter: @snohaalegra

Her dad passed away on August 16, which happens to be the release date of her new album. He sure would be proud of what she has accomplished.

Success rimes with August 16. Her new songs make you want to crash, write and take yourself back to these childhood memories.

I Want You Around is a song that expresses the power of love from an individual to another. When you have the sensation to be so much in love that even a second separated from him or her is too much.

Although impossible, we would all want to be accompanied with the individuals who left us for another world. That may be what she’s telling us with this single that was released back in spring.

When in love, you have the sense you need to share your feelings with everyone surrounding you. It’s really hard to keep this ball of emotions only for you.

It’s while not looking to hard that we would find someone who completes us. You is also a hell of a good song, that just keeps playing in in your head on repeat but in a good way this time.

Since 2017, every month, from July to December, I create a playlist on Spotify with songs that caught my attention; for the better or the worst.

I needed to finish this month playlists with You (joyful and sad at the same time). Mark my words, this will be my wedding song after I meet the man of my dream. Things don’t always happen as in romantic comedies and fairy tales. I’ve envisioned happening sooner, but who cares, life’s not about how fast things are moving.

©2019 Artium Recordings

Snoh is now single after being in a relationship for a while, she admitted in some interview. A little touch of Canada on the album, one song is called Toronto.

Every Friday morning, I rush to iTunes and go listen new music. You never get the hang of new songs at the first listen. After a while, you know your favourite ones. And usually, they are not the ones that the radio will decide to collect.

Her second album makes us leave the political dramas and Twitter for two seconds. Let us forget that the most powerful country in the world is going to hell. Democracy, as we know it, is slowly vanishing away, with the growth of populism.

I’ve been awaiting this album since her first singles came out, few months ago. She puts our touch into a new R&B genre.

Ugh, those feels again album cover.

Not all CD’s go in a car. This one do. Let’s ride to the end of the studies and the beginning of a new life. Let’s appreciate the art and emotions this project brings. Wait for it, Snoh’s just starting, in the beginning of her 30s, she’s reaching for the stars.

Graduated with a masters degree in politics from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Human rights, LGBT issues, sports and music. Twitter: @OlivierPilon

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